2017 US Open Running Orders

The following will be the location of the Running orders for the 2017 US Open.

We will send out a notifications as they become available.


Hititboard.com Biathlon Agility

Assisi Loop Challengers Round

Agility University Junior Championship Final

Assisi Loop UKI Nationals Final


BrilliantK9 Winner Takes All Sweepstakes

Assisi Loop Round1 National Jumping

Hititboard.com Biathlon Jumping

Ultimate Agility – Power and Speed

1-TDC Masters Heat Jumping


Assisi Loop Round 2 Nationals Agility

1-TDC Masters Heat Agility

Zignature Snooker Course

4 Legged Flix Speedstakes Round 1

4 Legged Flix Speedstakes Round 2


1-TDC Masters Final Jumping


1-TDC Masters Final Agility

Zignatures Gamblers