After posting the provisional running orders yesterday we had a lot of questions regarding running multiple dogs.

In the US Open premium on Page 10 listing the processes that are used to choose the running order and how to handle conflicts. We are reposting those rules here to help answer questions correctly and minimize questions that have already been answered.


Managing Conflicts for Handlers with Multiple Dogs in Non Seeded Classes

In the initial classes of each event (non-seeded runs) a random draw will produce the running order. Handlers with more
than one dog will have their running orders altered to achieve the following:

A gap of 10 dogs (9 dogs between their runs) will be created by moving the first-drawn dog earlier in the running order. If
this does not achieve a 10-dog gap then the second-drawn dog will be moved down in the running order.

If there are not enough dogs in the class to achieve the 10-dog gap the biggest gap possible will be created. If this gap
does not achieve the minimum 10 dog gap, then a break of 6 minutes will be given. The 6-minute countdown will start as
the handler’s first dog crosses the finish line; the handler must enter the ring with their second dog before the countdown is complete.

Handlers with more than 2 dogs will have their dogs split using the 10-dog gap rule. If there are not enough dogs to achieve
this, the dogs will be split evenly through the running order and the 6-minute rule will be adhered to. If a handler has dogs in different height divisions, and the 10 dog gap can not be achieved, the 6 minutes will run through while the jump heights are being changed.

Handlers must notify us before 6 pm Wednesday November 8 of any potential clashes.


Multiple dog conflicts in Seeded classes:

In the seeded classes a handler has earned their running order and the advantage this brings; therefore, their dogs will not
be automatically moved to create a gap. Instead, they will be given 6-minute break between dogs. However, a handler may
choose to move their first dog to a spot earlier in the running order to create a gap of 10 dogs (9 dogs between their
runs). If this is unable to be achieved, the 6-minute rule will be used.

A handler must notify the results office within 30 minutes of the results being posted of the previous class in that particular event if they wish to move their running order for the next round. Failure to do so will mean they will be given a 6-minute break.

By entering more than one dog in this event, handlers indicate their acceptance to comply with
these rules.