We wanted to send this text to you early enough not to wake you up but to let you know that we are working late tonight to get the website updated with:

  • Final Results from Today’s Runs
  • Running Orders for tomorrow’s Runs (Some are out there right now)
  • Course maps (To be release tomorrow at 6:45am automagically)

If you are up late just check the website – they will be trickling out as we get them loaded up.

Lastly – We have had some complaints from the management at the Jacksonville Equestrian Center. They have found examples of people not picking up there poop.

We can’t imagine that competitors as great as this group would do this, but we have to emphasize the critically of making sure that we clean up after our dogs. We really like this facility and would like to have the opportunity to choose it again.

Please make sure you pick up after your dogs and if see anyone who does not do that you report it in. We will deal with the situation appropriately!

See everyone in the morning

UKI US Open staff