By day, I’m a Software Engineer for manufacturing systems that make the products you use every day, including the clean water you drink. By night, my life goes to the dogs. Janet and I currently have 7 Border Collies and 3 cats who behave like Border Collies. While most know me from the Midwest, last year our house sold unexpectedly and we thought, what the heck, let’s move to Florida.

My dog sports include; Agility, Herding, and Obedience and I have been doing Agility since 1994. My first agility dog was a Siberian Husky, and my other dog, which I was doing herding with was a Border Collie. I thought to myself, why not try the herding dog in agility? Now 23 years later, we have had 11 Border Collies. My oldest dog is over 17 and still plays with the 1+ year old.

I am actively competing with my 7 year old Emma, and my youngest, Lily, who just had her first event a few weeks ago.

I have judged in USDAA for 15 years, including the National Finals and many Regional events. My favorite thing about judging is traveling around the country and seeing and catching up with friends. My second favorite thing about judging, is watching the different methods and techniques handlers use to attack my courses and figure out its challenges.

I continue to participate in seminars with the world’s top handlers to continue my education as a handler. Not only does my handling benefit, so do my course designs as I learn more and more about dogs’ lines and the challenges that I can offer on or near those lines. First and foremost, I like to see a dog run, that doesn’t mean I won’t ask the dog to collect on course, but most of the challenges you will see on my courses, many of which are very subtle, are when the dog is running in extension.

This will be my first time judging the US Open, and I’m looking forward to meeting new people, and watching the many great teams compete against each other.