The Jacksonville Equestrian Center has been responsible for taking reservations and assigning reservation spots for the 2017 UKI US Open. Tonight a couple people showed up and said they had not received a confirmation of which space they were assigned. So we got a copy of who was assigned where to help with any confusion.

If you are not on this list or this information is different than what they sent you please call and discuss with them in the morning (904) 573-4895.

Looking forward to seeing everyone here!

Using the Spreadsheet

  1. In the search column on the right type any information you are looking for and it filter it based on your search on each Column level
    • The arrows will allow you to change the sort order
    • The second field down will allow you to input for that column that will filter the entire spreadsheet based on the matching column information
First Name Last Name Spot
wdt_ID First Name Last Name Spot
1 Wiliam Pinder 1
2 Donna Brian 1A
3 Debbie Hertzell 2
4 Michelle Powers 3
5 Michelle Check 4
6 Melanie Miller 5
7 Valerie Rutledge 6
8 Michelle Speagle 7
9 Beverly Adams 8
10 Darryl Power 9