Today at 5pm Eastern we will testing the 2017 UKI US Open SMS Texting service. The purpose of this test is to give all competitors the opportunity to make sure that they put in there correct phone numbers and are properly subscribed to the service.

During the event, we will be using the SMS Texting service to keep all participants up to date of information going on during the event.

If you have not signed up yet – please go here before 4:30pm today!

What should I do if I receive the text?


You do not need to do anything if you receive the message. You now know that you are properly subscribed to the service.

What should I do if I DO NOT Receive the text

Didn’t work

Texting requires both the sender (our service) and your carriers to make a proper handshake to send information. Some carriers will not send text messages if you are offline or not in proper cell coverage so there are no guarantees.

To ensure that you are signed up

Send a text to 94253 with the word ukiusopen. You will receive a confirmation that you have joined.