Author: klandersnitrox

Agility Junior Championship Time Move

As soon as the First two classes are finished this morning, we will immediately rebuild for the Agility Junior Championship. We are sharing this because we believe that the two classes this morning will likely finish early. Please keep a watchful eye on the morning classes and keep in mind that the start time will be moving up for the Agility Junior Championship! (and after that the Nationals as well) Thanks!...

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Running Orders – Live

Did you know that you can see the Running Order status right from your Mobile Phone, Tablet and/or PC? On each of the running Order pages on the website, We have the Running orders for each ring. As people run, the ring captains are using tablets to update the running order status with a x marked by the person who ran. You can check to make sure the data is updated by looking at the Last updated field on the top of the spreadsheet. Hopefully this helps you figure out when it is your time to run!...

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