You asked Questions, We answered them! Let’s store those Q&A’s in one place so everyone can benefit from a question that  was important and your ability to think of something we have not thought of!.

Here are those Q&A!

What does UKI stand for

United Kingdom International

You can read more about it here

What does WAO Stand For

World Agility Organization

You can read more about it here

What time is Check in on Wednesday?

Check in on Wednesday is 3pm-6pm

Is the Price to use the Practice Ring by Dog or by Handler?

The money does go to the WAO Team and it is $40 per handler. You can play with all your dogs as long as they are over 15 months old.

What time can Vendors get in for Setup?

Vendors can start setup at 12 noon on Wednesday

Do you have an approximate time the Jr championship finals on Sunday will be over

The Junior Championship is scheduled to finish at 2:20 pm.

Where can I find the link the 4 Legged Flix Preorder
Will you have 4' or 5' bars at the open?

There will be 5′ bars at the open


Hi, I entered my young dog in the speedstakes round. I entered her in 16" but if she were to measure into the 12" class, would I be able to run her in 12"?

The answer is no. Dogs can’t move down.