2017 UKI US Open – Practice Ring

WAO Team USA Fundraiser

New for the 2017 UKI US Open will be a practice / warm up ring available throughout the entire event

All proceeds from the practice ring will be donated to WAO Team USA to help the team make their trip to The Netherlands in May 2018.


Access to the practice ring for a competitor, and all of their dogs, is only $40 for the entire weekend.  Payment will be accepted during check in at the event.

Practice Ring Hours

The practice ring will be available from 7AM until the end of competition on each day of the US Open (Thurs, Fri, Sat and Sun).

Practice Ring Rules
  • Only competitors who have paid for access will be allowed to use the practice ring.
  • Competitors may utilize the practice ring with both their entered and non-entered dogs (18 months and older), but please give priority to entered dogs.
  • Absolutely no movement of equipment or ring barriers will be allowed.
  • You will be responsible for setting all bars to the correct jump height before practicing.
  • Please limit practice at each station to no more than one minute. After one minute, please quickly exit the station.
  • Food and toys are allowed in the practice ring.
  • Negative or abusive treatment or training is not allowed.
  • The practice ring is being operated on the honor system. We trust that you will do the right thing.
  • Any violation of the rules will result in loss of practice ring access and possible elimination from the US Open.

All equipment generously provided by Max200