Darryl Power

Meet our 5th US Open class judge, Darryl Power:

In 1999, I was watching TV and came across a dog agility competition airing. My wife had been asking for a dog, so I said OK and we got our first border collie in 2000 and I started training her in agility. We are now 19 years and 8 Border Collies later and we are hooked.

In 2016, we opened our business Power’d Up Agility in Victor, NY where I am the lead instructor, course/exercise designer, and equipment maintenance specialist. I am a stickler for having safe and well-maintained equipment.

I actively compete and run shows in multiple organizations. Over the years I have been a Chief Course Builder for countless shows and have worked alongside judges to ensure their courses are set properly and safely. In 2017, I became a UKI judge and have done a number of judging assignments since. In March 2019, I became a GJP Affiliate Judge.

I like courses to be challenging for handlers but safe for all. I enjoy watching handlers choose the paths that work and sometimes don’t work for their dogs. I am excited to have the opportunity to judge at the 2019 UKI US Open.