Francisco Berjon

Meet US Open Judge 2019 Francisco Berjon.

I’m Francisco Berjon, better known by Paco.

I was born in Mexico City. I work on Construction, I’m a Contractor. I have been doing agility since 2001, start with a Labrador Retriever. I became a judge in 2007 and a UKI judge since January 2018. We have at home with 5 Border Collies, 1 Australian Shepherd and 1 Croatian Sheepdog, all of them trained in agility (some retired now). My wife Barbara and I love to go hiking with the dogs.
Personally I enjoy doing agility with my dogs, but also love to judge…. I have the honor to watch amazing runs with great dogs and handlers from the best seat of all…. The middle of the ring. And sometimes when I see something that I really like (weave pole entrance, great contact or a great handling) I just say it to the handler with an expression like “Wow” or “Nice” or “Great”. I just feel that moment and really enjoy it.